Delsin • 2023

U2 has long since proven that a Wall of Sound can be extremely lame. However, Hanover-based Vril has demonstrated in the past that a Wall of Sound can be quite compelling, especially in his collaborations with Efdemin, Rødhåd and the Frenchman Voiski. The impassioned concatenation of dub effects in particular, which Vril has since mastered came into their own in these projects. Yet he, although not a phantom but an enigma between the spotlights, never really sounds like the great forefathers of dub techno: Basic Channel sentences can only be heard to a limited extent. And even Maurizio references don’t hit the core of this new variety, because although Vril packed enough dub to last for weeks, since he was born later he was also able to study trance and minimal records. As expected, the result on »Animist«, Delsin’s third album, is impressive. Often all it takes is a brilliant idea in the drum section to keep the tracks going. They could keep on grooving like this forever, but Vril knows how to initiate subtle shifts that can turn a gentle crackling in the undergrowth into a boreal chase. Then suddenly there is grunting and squawking everywhere – and this roaring, such a divine noise. Animistically animated sound worlds that remain eerie until the end. But also incredibly good.