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Matador Records (Record label)
Matador Records is a New York-based, in indie rock music specialized record label, founded in 1989 by Chris Lombardi. You can call Matador Records one of the most important Independent Labels at all. Not least because the who-is-who of indie rock was oder actually is signed here: Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power, just to name some of them. The over 20 year old history of the label is multifaceted and can only be outlined here. One year after Chris Lombardi founded Matador Records in his apartment in New York City, Gerald Cosloy – who has been the runner of Homestead Records – joined the label. Since then they run the label together. In 1994 Matador Records entered to a partenship with Atlantic Records, belonging to Warner Music. In 1996 Capitol Records bought 49 percent of the holdings of Matador, but in 1999 Lombardi and Cosloy were able to buy it back. Since 2002 Matador belongs to Beggars Group and next to the headquarter in New York they have a dependance in London.
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Music Portrait | posted 31.05.2012
Perfume genius
Ultra personal Stories
Perfume Genius is one of the most interesting artists to discover these days. His life was and is characterized by things that he himself decribes as »weird shit«. Alcohol and drugs he could escape, at least. The result of this experiences are songs, that stagger back and forth between classic and modern, provided with a brutally blunt lyric. A blessing in times of superficial communication.
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Music Review | posted 01.09.2015
Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There
»Stuff Like That There« by the indie veterans Yo La Tengo is a record full of revised tracks and covers. And it’s just as much fun as »Fakebook« was in 1990.
Music Review | posted 05.12.2012
Turn On The Bright Lights - Tenth Anniversary Edition
Even ten years later, the record still sounds fresh: fragile, yet powerful songwriting with a constantly high emotional intensity.
Music Review | posted 05.02.2011
Esben And The Witch
Violet Cries
The »next big thing« from Brighton presents an incredible cinematic bombast, hiding behind a misty curtain of sound.
Recent Articles
Music News | posted 09.07.2020
Logic System
Reissued: »Venus«
The album »Venus«, first released in 1981, by Hideki Matsutake alias Loi’gic System, who plays with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, is now being reissued via Wewantsounds. Exclusively at HHV Records in a limited edition.
Music Review | posted 26.06.2020
Oiro Pena
The Finnish multi-instrumentalist Antti Vauhkonen releases playful music with his vinyl 10-inch »2«, released by Jazzaggression.
Music Essay | posted 09.07.2020
Baltic & Finnish Jazz
Removing Boundaries
While jazz from London to L.A. is evolving a fresh pop sensibility or even tries to update the fusion heritage, cool flavors between new blood and nostalgia are cultivated on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Here the genre is cosmopolitan as well and yet totally distinct.
Music News | posted 24.06.2020
Apollo Brown & Che' Noir
Exclusive Edition: »As God Intended«
Apollo Brown has teamed up with Che’ Noir for »As God Intended«, which will be released by Mello Music Group on September 4, 2020. The album is exclusively available from us in a Coloured Vinyl Edition.
Music News | posted 29.06.2020
Joell Ortiz & Kxng Crooked
Exclusive Edition: »H.A.R.D.«
Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked (aka Crooked I), both from the rap supergroup Slaughterhouse have announced a new album on Mello Music with »H.A.R.D.«. Vinyl will follow in September. We have a strictly limited colour edition in our assortment.