813 – DJ Charts

Als Teil der aufstrebenden, vitalen russischen Beatmaker-Szene hat sich 813 mittlerweile einen Namen gemacht. Für unsere DJ-Charts verriet er seine zehn liebsten Stücke derzeit.

Alexander Goryachev (aka 813) entspringt der aufstrebenden russischen Beatszene und hat sich mittlerweile einen internationalen, veritablen Ruf erarbeitet. Der hauptberufliche Feuerwehrmann durfte als Voract von Moby, MF Doom und Hudson Mohawke bereits die halbe Welt bereisen und brachte mit der EP Spectrum Riff vor wenigen Tagen sein erstes Release über Donkey Pitch raus. Der Moskauer verarbeitet in seinen Stücken spritzige Synthlines mit Old-School Drum Machines und dicken Sub-Bässen. Er springt gekonnt zwischen den Genres Hip-Hop, Boogie und Electro und leistet so seinen Anteil für die zukunftsweisende Bass-Musik der kommenden Jahre. Ob man das nun Glitch-Hop, Wonky oder sonstewie nennen will, das wichtigste scheint Goryachev immer die Tanzbarkeit seiner Upbeat-Tracks zu sein. Welche 10 Songs 813 derzeit am meisten gefeiert hat und warum, verriet er uns hier.

1 – After Light by Rustie
taken from the album Glass Swords, Warp 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 2LP CD Crazy track! Very dynamic. I especially like the long hang before the second part of the track. You’re already looking forward to an explosion, but he postponed , postponed and then …. BOOOOOMM …. ahh this is priceless!

2 – Alarma by Machinedrum
taken from the 12inch Alarma, Lucky Me 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch Haha oh shit! My neck starts to crackle when I play this track. Simple and genius!

3 – Something Goes Right (ft. Sampha) by SBTRKT
taken from the album SBTRKT, Young Turks 2011
Find it at hhv.de: LP CD I saw the live video for this track and if I were a girl I would have melted. Haha, it’s a joke… In general, very refreshing and inspires grey days. Most mesmerizing vocals. His soft and piercing voice makes you just melt into the music. Taken together, it sounds great.

4 – Beach Scene by Hyetal
taken from the album Broadcast, Black Acre 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 2LP CD This track takes me back to the days when I was a little boy and my father first bought the VHS video player and I was interested in viewing a large number of actions. Very best time (but for some reason, sadly).

5 – Jealous Of Roses by Bibio
taken from the album Ambivalence Avenue, Warp 2009
Find it at hhv.de: 2LP CD It is indescribable. Just listen.

6 – Reaching Out by Nero
taken from the album Welcome Reality, MTA REcords 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 3LP This is also a kind of return to the time watching movies on a VHS video player, but just a different character. Maybe something like »struggle« where Sylvester Stallone was competing in arm wrestling. This track has a certain strength and will to win

7 – Computer Face/Pure Being by Flying Lotus
taken from the album Cosmogramma, Warp 2010
Find it at hhv.de: 2LP CD I am very impressed by the contradictory melodies. It has sadness and aggressiveness. You can not say for sure what emotions you are about to experience, but you need to understand and it’s great that music makes it happen.

8 – Afternoon by S.Maharba
taken from the cassette S.Maharba, Sassbologna Records 2008
I remember when I was lying on the floor for a few hours and could not stop my thoughts. This track sounds like all these hours on repeat.

9 – The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake
taken from the 12inch The Wilhelm Scream, Atlas 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch I like the live version the best, but it is here I discovered a very peculiar vocals of James Blake

10 – Glow by Lunice
taken from the 12inch One Hunned, Lucky Me 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch Ultra light and fresh, but at the same time causing a feeling a lot of soft colours. Lush!