Om Unit – 10 Favourites

Foto:Jonangelo Molinari / © Civil Music
Om Unit ist ein musikalisches Chamäleon: die Wurzeln im Hip Hop, die Blütezeit in der elektronischen Musik der Zukunft. In einer exklusiven Auslese gewährt er uns einen kleinen Einblick in seinen persönlichen Musikgeschmack.

Auch wenn ihn der ganz große Hype noch nicht vergönnt war, für bassverliebte Kenner der Szene ist der Londoner Jim Coles aka Om Unit ein alter Hase. Future Beats und elektronische Klangwelten sind seine musikalische Wahlheimat. Die klassischen Basslines verraten allerdings seine Hip Hop-Wurzeln. Als der Zynismus gegenüber dem DJ-Metier zu bitter wurde, nannte er sich von 2tall in Om Unit um und wechselte mit dem Namen auch das Genre und den künstlerischen. Fokus. Resultat ist eine »Globalisierung« der Musikeinflüsse, die von Beatheads in aller Welt geschätzt wird. Inzwischen werden seine eigenen Produktionen, wie der aktuelle Track »Ulysses«, in den ausgewählten DJ Sets der Szene rauf und runter gespielt. Wie ein Labelnomade released Om Unit mal auf Civil Music oder All City Records, oder auf Project: Mooncircle. Kollaborationen wie mit Machinedrum oder Kromestar, werden dem Cosmic Bridge- Labelboss nach dem Kriterium des gemeinsamen kreativen Ursprungs auserkoren. Coles lässt sich nämlich gerne re-inspirieren.

1 – »Love Triumphant« by Theo Parrish
taken from the 12" »Love Triumphant«, Sound Signature 2008
Find it at*: 12inch This record I feel is his greatest work, at least my favourite, it has such a beautiful riff that I could listen to for more than the 12 minutes or so that the record lasts, a testimony to his working method of jamming out live on the desk, with loops and textures. Full of soul!

2 – »Flash Powder EP« by Danny Scrilla
taken from the 12" »Flash Powder EP«, Cosmic Bridge 2012
Find it at 12inch Ok, so a plug, but this record is of such importance to me and people who follow the Cosmic Bridge sound. Danny has been influenced by my previous material but has the sound system roots too, such a strong record, that I of course, feel deserves more exposure!

3 – »Aks The Dust« by Lorn
taken from the LP »Ask The Dust«, Ninja Tune 2012
Find it at*: 2LP CD Lorn is a personal friend, and a studio gangster! His approach to beat making is more like a blend of serious skill and emotive beauty, he puts his heart and soul into his records, and takes it way beyond just beats, but has this incredible hard hitting sound. A future classic no doubt!

4 – »Elevate Me EP« by Sweatson Klank
taken from the EP »Sweatson Klank«, Project: Mooncircle 2012
Find it at*: 12inch Formerly known as Take, Sweatson Klank is one of the Godfathers of the modern-day LA »beat scene« movement. This EP to me, marks the evolution of his sound, as he steps into this new moniker. His approach to writing is so deep! In that sense that he takes a lot of samples and blends them so beautifully into this ever-changing picture. Serious bizness!

5 – »10th Anniversary Box« by Various Artists
taken from the Box Set »10th Anniversary Box«, Project: Mooncircle 2012
Find it at 4LP Project: Mooncircle are the »good guys«. They have an ethos of support to their own artists whether it’s their own releases or not, they push the sounds of friends and family in a big way. Good wholesome electronic music at it’s best. This box set is a testimony to the 10 years of dedicated hard work that Gordon and the team have put in to their output.

6 – »No Space, No Time« by United Vibrations
taken from the 7″ »No Space, No Time«, 12Tone Records 2011
Find it at 7inch This is a true »london record« – a lot of focus is on the UK Bass scene, but this band have to me been a much slept on part of the London »underground« for quite a few years. Such a great live band, incredible musicianship and a real belief in their message, which is akin to Sun Ra’s messages to humanity. They fly the flag for a conscious revolution!

7 – »Deepest Fears/Blackwood« by Jay 5ive and Kromestar
taken from the 12" »Deepest Fears/Black Wood«, Bass ‘n’ Love 2012
Find it at 12inch Jay 5ive is so slept on, and Kromestar is continuing to push boundaries with his sound. This record is representing to me, the »real sound of Dubstep« in 2012, at least it comes from a place that focuses on the soulful side of things, music for real human beings!

8 – »Ardour« by Teebs
taken from the alum »Ardour«, Brainfeeder 2010
Find it at 2LP CD Teebs for me, is one of the few in the Brainfeeder camp that I would regulary check the pulse. He has such a beautiful way of using the 404-sampler to blend these grand soundscapes, samples and drums in a fashion that makes me think I know what LA sounds like even though I hardly spent any time there. A visionary producer.

9 – »Keepers Of The Light« by LHF
taken from the LP »Keepers Of The Light«, Keysounds 2012
Find it at 2CD
This is just sick. This lot effortlessly make good tunes, with no frilly hype attached, good clean simple UK sound with no need for Aztec sweaters and snapbacks.

10 – »Edits Vol.1« by Om Unit
taken from the 12" »Edits Vol.1«, OMED 2012
Find it at 12inch