Voltron – DJ Charts

Für unsere DJ-Charts haben sich die Belgier Voltron trotz eines gut gefüllten Terminkalenders die Zeit gefunden, in mühevoller Kleinarbeit 10 Tracks herauszusuchen, die sie derzeit am meisten beschäftigen. Oder waren es elf?

Für Voltron war 2011 bislang ein sehr erfolgreiches Jahr. Die drei blutjungen Produzenten Mathias, Laurens und Thomas aus dem belgischen Gent veröffentlichten ihre Musik auf ihrem eigenen Label Silverback Recordings (u.a. Heimat von Damu oder Nguzunguzu) sowie auf dem Label-Ableger des bekannten schwedischen Blogs Discobelle. Ihre »wonky« Tracks, die von einer pop-affinen Herangehensweise geprägt und deswegen auch sehr zugänglich sind, wurden von den erwähnten M.I.A.-Tour-DJs Nguzunguzu, dem großartigen XXXY oder Labelmate Jack Dixon geremixt, und ihre Touren führten sie in diesem Jahr bereits nach Toronto, Moskau, Amsterdam und natürlich auch schon nach Deutschland. Demnächst steht ein Remix für LOL Boys an. Und auf ihrem eigenen Label veröffentlichen Voltron bald einen eigenen Remix von Jean Nipon (Institubes). Für unsere DJ-Charts haben Voltron trotz eines gut gefüllten Terminkalenders die Zeit gefunden, in mühevoller Kleinarbeit 10 Tracks herauszusuchen, die sie derzeit am meisten beschäftigen. Oder waren es elf?

1 – Gothic by Phantom
taken from the 12inch Gothic EP, Silverback 2011
A warm melodic piano and an eerie yet familiar vocal set the mood perfectly for what’s about to be a top notch tune from start to finish. At doubt the synthlines should convince you of Phantom’s talent. This will be part of his upcoming EP on our own Silverback imprint – it will be the first Silverback vinyl release as well!

2 – World On Mute by Ikonika
taken from the Compilation {Unclassified}, Adult Swim 2011
This song is just so very well structured. Everything starts very basic but the bass keeps things flowing till the climax comes. When the trancy melody finally kicks in, things get insane. Class.

3 – Could You Want Me by Kastle
taken from the EP So You, Silverback 2011
Another upcoming Silverback release here. R&B, pop flavoured vocals often smuggle a familiar element in underground dance tracks. Here the combination with the warm synths creates a full crossover effect. This is one that you could easily hear at 3:00 PM on your favorite popular radio station as well as on underground club nights… something for everybody to enjoy.

4 – Curious by Bad Autopsy
previously unreleased
You have to remain focused, when you like Bad Autopsy’s stuff. It’s hard to get much information, but when he drops a new tune, you’re usually up for a thrill. This one will be released on Well Rounded, and the signature drums, funky 80’s synths, and Uk influences get exploited on an advanced level.

5 – Pharmacodynamics by Voltron
taken from the Compilation tba., Truants 2011
Forgive us the self promotion but we’ve grown to like this song. When making this we wanted to create something very trashy, something bordering on the edge of contemporary club music and 90’s Rotterdam Terrorcorps hardcore. I think Pharmacodynamics will shine particularly in front of a very drunk crowd wanting some agression. You can catch this track on the next Truants compilation.

6 – Swims by Joy O and Boddika
taken from the 12inch tba., Swamp 81 2011
Walk for me, Sir! When picking one of the most shout-out, demented vocals of the latter years, this one should be on top. Accompanied by straight forward old school electronics on the instrumental side, this whole song just keeps you moving.

7 – Avalanche (Canblaster Remix) by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan
taken from the 12inch Avalanche (Terminal Velocity), Ed Banger 2011
Find it at hhv.de: 12inch
We’ve come to expect great remixes from Canblaster. Although his original productions burst with creativity, when he’s given a remix he goes all out. Avalanche is a perfect example of his talent: A smart use of the Jarvis Cocker vocal and a brilliant implementation of video gamey bleeps forge a sound close to a real-life natural disaster.

8 – Don’t Cry In My Bed by Damu
taken from the LP Unity, Keysound 2011
Damu recently said on his facebook page that Don’t Cry In My Bed may be his finest hour and it arguably is. It implements all the elements we’ve come to expect and love from this Manchester mastermind. Do not sleep on this guy. Check this brilliant tune and other ones on his recently released first album Unity on Keysound.

9 – Coconuts (Disclosure Remix) by Jack Dixon
previously unreleased
Jack Dixon is known for his warm productions and synthlines, echoing soulful vocals, and superb percussion. When a remix surpasses the Jack Dixon original, you know you have a great track on your hands.

10 – Street Fighter Riddim by D Double E
taken from the Download Street Fighter Riddims, Dirtee Stank Recordings 2011
Although it’s a pretty old song by now, it’s still in the daily tracklist of one of our members. Being an avid Street Fighter player himself, you’ll have to believe our keyboardist when he says this grime tune is packed with smart references and quirky lyrical jokes.

11 – Girl Complex by Jean Nipon
taken from an upcoming release on Silverback Recordings
Hyper-kinetic French house, from a Paris based producer who’s divergent productions have been stinging the scene for a long time. This is an energy bomb, that marvelously connects with the clever contemporary house LOL Boys, Club Cheval, Teki Latex, the Discobelle camp,… have been pushing. It will be released on – indeed – Silverback Recordings with remixes by Jam City and JTRP, and a Voltron refix.