South London Ordnance – 10 Favourites

Foto:Tom Kirkby
Er redet nicht gerne über sich selbst, dafür aber umso lieber über die Musik von der er sich inspiriert fühlt. Hier verrät uns der junge Brite South London Ordnance seine aktuellen »10 Favourites«.

South London Ordnance mag das Spiel mit der Anonymität. Es gibt nur eine Hand voll Fotos von ihm im Netz. Seine Tracks tauchen auf Plattformen wie Soundcloud oder YouTube auf und verschwinden nach ein paar Wochen wieder. Doch obwohl er das grelle Scheinwerferlicht der medialen Öffentlichkeit meidet, bleiben seine Produktionen schon lange nicht mehr unbemerkt. Mosca, Martyn, Dark Sky – sie alle haben den jungen DJ aus London schon in ihren Sets gefeatured. Der Name South London Ordnance liest sich über Gast-Mixen für Mary Anne Hobbes’ show auf XFM, diversen Slots bei RinseFM, FWD und LuckyMe, auf Well Rounded und 2nd Drop hat er je eine 12-Inch veröffentlicht, eine 5-Track-EP, »Big Boss Theme EP« folgt im September auf dem Audio Culture Label. Obwohl der geographische Verweis in seinem Pseudonym auf die typische UK Bass Grime-und Dupstepszene schließen lassen könnte, finden sich diese Genres höchstens in Nuancen in seiner Arbeit wieder. Vielmehr deckt South London Ordnance raffiniert die etwas düsterere Nische des aktuellen House/Techno-Spektrums ab.

1 – »Lifted (Shifted Remix)« by Furesshu
taken from the 12" »Lucid / Lifted «, Project Squared, 2011
Find it at 12-Inch Came out relatively recently but I can’t get it out of my head. I always find myself drawing for it when I play out. I’ve a shied away from essentially loop based techno in the past – but this really does it for me. Sonics you can rely on in a club environment.

2 – »Creatures of Habit« by D Bridge
taken from the 12" »The Gemini Principle«, Exit, 2008
Truly wonderful drum programming. I come from a background in, amongst other things, drum & bass, and this is one of my favorite tracks from that time of my life – to be honest the whole album is amazing. A mate reminded me of it and I’ve had it on repeat for the last couple of weeks.

3 – »Global« by Sabre
taken from the 12" »Zero Seven Zero «, Subtitles, 2009
Such a spooky bit of music. I remember when I first heard this out… the place erupted. Vicious bass line. Subtitles was always one of my favorite drum & bass labels.

4 – »Dialog« by Stereociti
taken from the 12" »Dialog«, Mojuba, 2012
Find it at 12-Inch I got passed this by the ever reliable guys in my local record store BM Soho the other day. Sonically it feels quite fresh and airy. As tracks get thicker and thicker, more distorted and more industrial as this year goes on it comes as a welcome break.

5 – »3 Minutes« by Benga
taken from the Album »Diary of An Afro Warrior«, Tempa, 2008
Find it at*: 3LP I went travelling for a bit a while ago – and when I was away this album came out. My friend and I must have listened to it 50 – 100 times all the way through in the car we rented. Perfect night time music, and – I would argue, way ahead of its time in terms of the ideas. Certianly the last thing I liked of his.

6 – »Bare Bones (Blawan Remix)« by The Hundred In The Hands
taken from the 12" »Pigeons«, Warp Records, 2010
Find it at*: 12-Inch When I was in my last couple of years at university, this great paradigm shift was taking place in UK underground dance music – i.e. everyone in the UK was starting to look to continental Europe for influence, genres were becoming more and blurred – some stuff sounded like Techno – some stuff like House – some stuff sounded like a mix of garage and breaks and dubstep – whatever. Whilst this might not be the poster boy track for that whole shift, it’s the one I remember from that time, and the one I played out the most.

7 – »Into The Future« by Geeneus
taken from the 12" »Volumes: One«, Rinse, 2008
More spooky, UK music. Essentially Funky – but (relatively) comfortable alongside big room Techno and House tracks. It also uses those kind of subtle drones or mid range white noise tools that I use in a lot of my own music to add texture. I used to play this a lot – out, and at home on my headphones.

8 – »Yemp Booty ft. Colonel Red« by Landslide
taken from »Yemp Booty«, Round The Houses, 2008
Ha – I dunno why I put this in here, but frankly I always find myself going back to it. I wouldn’t play it out now – but I still love the way the breaks complement the pad hits, and the vox sits so nicely for me. When I was first trying out mixing hybrid forms of House and Funky and UK/ US Garage this is one of the tracks I always used to draw for.

9 – »Let’s Talk« by Instra:mental
taken from the 10″ »Lets Talk/ Vicodin«, [Naked Lunch], 2010
Find it at*: 10-Inch So sleazy. I loved this when I first heard it – and I love it now. Sounds like the sound track for a vintage porn film.

10 – »The Knowledge« by Toasty
taken from the 12" »The Knowledge / Like Sun«, Hotflush, 2004
It’s funny looking at this track now – because so much of the stuff he was doing then with The Knowledge, resonates with music now. I know it’s always the way, history repeats itself and sound palettes come back around sooner than you think, but this – for me anyway, is such a great example of a cut up break and twisted, pitched vocals.