Hip Hop (Music genre)
Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic culture that originated in African-American communities during the late 1970s in New York City. Its roots can be seen in funk and soul music.
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Music Column | posted 24.09.2021
Records Revisited
A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory (1991)
It doesn’t get much better than that. At the beginning of the 1990s, A Tribe Called Quest brought the flow to the point with their second album »The Low End Theory«. Without aggressive male poses, but with jazz, breaks and vibe.
Music Column | posted 16.09.2021
Records Revisited
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing (1996)
25 years ago, »Endtroducing« was released, a hip-hop album that brought Björk together with Metallica and Finnish fusion. DJ Shadow was digging in the cellar for it. And found gold. He covered what he found with a touch of melancholy and created an album that seems to have fallen out of time.
Music Column | posted 23.07.2021
Records Revisited
Main Source – Breaking Atoms (1991)
In some ways, »Breaking Atoms,« Main Source’s debut album released 30 years ago, seems to have remained a second-tier classic. But Large Professor’s production has much more to offer than »Looking at the Front Door« and the world premiere of a rapper named Nas. It defined a signature sound for the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.
Music List | posted 24.06.2021
10 All Time Favs
Evidence is a producer, cratedigger and rapper, and one who in 15 years of career has never lost the desire to discover. Now his album »Unlearning Vol.1« is released. We asked about 10 vinyl records that have shaped, improved and educated him.
Music Interview | posted 30.04.2020
Quelle Chris
Accepting the chaos
He’s the most prolific oddball of the rap underground. And he’s on fire. With »Innocent Country 2« Quelle Chris follows up on his groundbreaking record »Guns« and a process where hopelessness is contradicted by accepting a surreal anxiety.
Music Column | posted 29.06.2019
Records Revisited
Lootpack – Soundpieces: Da Antidote! (1999)
The breakthrough: »Soundpieces: Da Antidote« lifted the still young West Coast label Stones Throw from the circle of experts to the cult Olympus. But it is also the first big statement of the still widely unknown producer Madlib and also the first performance of his alter ego Quasimoto. How much more relevance can be attributed to a single album? Now the underground classic is 20 years old.
Music Column | posted 22.08.2018
Records Revisited
J Dilla – The Shining (2006)
»The Shining« was J Dilla’s first posthumous album. It was released on August 22, 2006 on BBE Records. J Dilla thought it was 75% finished. Others say that only the mastering was missing. Karriem Riggins finally finished it. You get soul, you get funk, you get the tricky stuff, and you can also get this raw rap shit. You get the infinite forms of expression that J Dilla mastered. It’s a true classic.
Music Interview | posted 18.10.2013
Cutmaster Swift
Turntable Diaries #2
This year the DMC World Championships turns 30. For that reason we talked to some of the winners of the last 3 decades about the history of DJing and their personal point-of-view on spinning the wheel of turns. So during the next weeks we like to introduce you to some of them. This time we talked to Cutmaster Swift – World Champion 1989 and the guy who introduced (among others) the technique named Copycat.
Music Interview | posted 29.05.2013
Talib Kweli
A new Chapter
Talib Kweli has never taken so much time for a single album as he has with »Prisoner of Conscious«. His requirement to himself was to create something that would function beyond the world of Hip Hop, something that would break the boundaries of genres – the genres he himself feels trapped in. This mission took the 37 year-old MC to different countries and had him collaborate with old acquaintances as well as with new artists. The result is an exceptionally personal album.
Music Interview | posted 29.04.2013
Kendrick Lamar
Creating the Balance
Hailed as the savior of West Coast Hip Hop Kendrick Lamar’s »good kid m.A.A.d city’s« album success says something about the current state of Hip Hop. Perhaps there was an audience who was looking for something different, was missing something and perhaps Lamar could cater to these rap fans. We talk to Lamar about the rap game then and now, concept versus freestyle and the significance of Compton within the world of Hip Hop.
Music Report | posted 06.02.2013
Kendrick Lamar
Live at C-Halle in Berlin on Feb 1
Friday was finally Berlin’s turn to host Kendrick Lamar. K.Dot. Mr. 2012. The good kid. The fact that Lamar’s album »good kid m.A.A.d city« just went gold and the fact that his Berlin concert was sold out and so had to move to a larger venue still didn’t prepare one for the insanity that apparently is Lamar’s following. The storyteller is now the Messiah of Compton. That he preaches to a worshipping audience is blatant. It is his message that is not yet so clear.
Music Essay | posted 10.12.2012
Australian Hip-Hop
Rise of the Down-Underground?
Since the Internet revolution made it possible for sub genres and scenes around the globe to connect and collaborate, more and more Australian rappers rise from the Down-Underground. Our author in Sydney took a look at the dynamic scene.
Music Essay | posted 19.11.2012
Tools Of War
Respect Where It All Began
The Four Elements. The Golden Age. In discussions these memories can grow to pretty nostalgic kitsch including super heroes and a religious patina. Born in the mid-90s, Tools Of War is a small frontier fighting to bridge this gap between a legendary past and the mainstream present. But it’s definitely Hip Hop »with the idea that there are many “tools” one can use in competing / battling within Hip Hop culture: turntables, microphones, paint«.
Art Interview | posted 09.11.2012
Geordie Wood
Face to Face
The 27 year-old Boston-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Geordie Wood is a photographic traditionalist avoiding anything trendy or gimmicky yet his subjects are very much in your face and flashy. This clash give his photographs an edge making his photographs stand out in an industry that has seen one too many band photos of singers propped up against brick walls.
Music List | posted 15.10.2012
Rappers aged 25 and under
10 favourites - Special
A continuous wave of youngsters, mostly not legally allowed to even order a beer, are shaping the Hip Hop landscape. While the future might look dire in other areas of the arts these juniors have found a gold mine to tap into and are proving that, perhaps, the American dream does still exist. Here is a list of young rappers, whose unique style and attitude is determining the direction of Hip Hop today.
Music Report | posted 21.08.2012
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All
Live on August 20th at Huxleys in Berlin
The Los Angeles hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All has been a guest in Berlin again on Monday. They demonstrate with their show, that if Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin, Tyler the Creator, Mike G, Left Brain and Taco feel entertained themselves, they also entertain the audience in a wonderful way. Here the madness has system and is unstoppable. The chaos ist the principle that unites everthing.
Music Interview | posted 13.07.2012
Aesop Rock
»If I Can Do It, I'll Do It«
Since 15 years Ian Bavitz aka Aesop Rock is one of the pioneers of an alternative hip hop, that features the lyrical side of rap in a wordy and complexe way. As a producer Ian Bavitz has been responsible for a lot of productions and collaborations. We spoke to him about the centerpiece of his productions, abstract lyrics and why he’s dragging a dead cat through New York City in the album trailers.
Music Portrait | posted 20.06.2012
Ain't no stopping these two
ESG is one of their addictions. They read Afro Sci-Fi novels, were passionate about weird art and they describe themselves as »Empresses of Time« from a »pre-Egyptian Dynasty«. With THEEsatisfaction is another great Hip Hop act coming from the creative environment of Shabazz Palaces. The futuristic hip hop of »AwE NaturalE«, their debut album, surely is just the stepping stone to the couples grand scheme.
Music Portrait | posted 31.01.2012
»Think global, act local«
»From behind closed doors in Munich into the big, wide world of HipHop« – this is the motto of Midiflash, a producer-duo better known as Robstar and LowDown. Their first free mix-tape, Pleased To Beat You, will be released on January 31st, kindly supported by hhv.de mag. Amongst the well-respected guests are The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma, J-Spliff, Antihelden, Black Tiger and many others, forming a star-ensemble of international underground-Rap.
Music Interview | posted 21.11.2011
»Hip Hop is not used to covers«
Not just anybody can approach a classic like Nas’ Illmatic. Not saying that Elzhi wouldn’t be just the right person to do so: As a veteran of the Detroit Hip Hop scene and as member of the indie institution Slum Village he already has earned his stripes. And his re-interpretation Elmatic alongside the band Will Sessions has been one of the most celebrated releases this year. Enough of a reason to embark on a tour through Germany during which we were able to talk to Elzhi about his latest body of work.
Music Interview | posted 09.11.2011
Peanut Butter Wolf
»But you know it's all music at the end of the day«
Exactly 15 years ago, at a time when Hip-hop was predictable than never before and DJ Shadow proclaimed »Why Hip Hop Sucks in ’96?«, Chris Manak (aka Peanut Butter Wolf) founded Stones Throw Records. One and a half decade later Stones Throw has become a quality brand, with a schedule that still breathes Hip-hop, but which is not confined onto Hip-hop only. We met Peanut Butter Wolf for interview.
Music Interview | posted 31.10.2011
»No huge gaps anymore«
M.E.D. is a veteran of the Stones Throw collective. After his celebrated but late debut Push Comes To Shove in 2005, his probably long awaited album Classic hits the stores these days. So the Medaphoar is talking about the early Oxnard days, about Stones Throw and Madlib, as well as about his collaborations with young and talented Hodgy Beats.
Music Column | posted 10.10.2011
High 5
Rhymesayers' finest - selected by Evidence
It was an official surprise, when Evidence announced his signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment around two years ago. Except for Slug’s guest verse on Ev’s ‘’The Weatherman LP’’ the ways of the Dilated MC and the label from Minnesota crossed rather sporadic to date. But with the Rhymesayers debut Cats & Dogs and the big U.S. tour with Atmosphere in the back, Evidence is by now an official member of the RSE family. Nevertheless, we are interested in how familiar Michael Perretta is with the impressive release catalog of his new label home and asked for his top 5 songs on Rhymesayers.
Music Portrait | posted 08.09.2011
The Bad Weather Man
Evidence is »the Weatherman«, the guy with the bad news, the dark images, the one who say it out loud what in Los Angeles otherwise left unspoken. With Cats & Dogs there’s a new solo album coming out.
Music Interview | posted 26.08.2011
Paul White
It's a journey, it's an escape
He takes an exceptional position among the British beat-producer. His enormous output and his variety of productions have quickly catapulted Paul White into the top league of producers guild. But so far his music was purely instrumental. Now for his new album Rapping With Paul White he is rehearsing for the first time his illustrious skills together with a host of Vocal conaisseures. We talked with him about producing beats with and without raps.
Music Interview | posted 25.07.2011
Saul Williams
The mixing of ideas
Saul Williams is the intellectual counterpart, the poetic visionary, enthusiastic globetrotter of Hip hop. His mind and his spirit inspired people around the world, while he in turn was inspired of the human being and – its sounds. That all he brings to together in his work as spoken word artist, musician and actor. A conversation about feelings and music and how it come together…
Music Portrait | posted 26.04.2011
Chose to get real
Atmosphere are more serious and less playful than ever. Now the band from Minneapolis wrote a kind of concept album about family issues. In the end The Family Sign is a kind of Blues album, recorded with live instruments and lined with fine storytelling, that certainly is different, but just want to be captured so
Music Essay | posted 21.04.2011
Dream interpretation in rhymes
Step by step the CunninLynguists have evolved since its inception ten years ago. Oneirology, the fifth album by the rap group from Kentucky is now a concept album about the dreams. Of the instrumentation, the selected samples to the clever rhymes of course, is constantly referred to the parent topic. That especially producer Kno runs up to top form, is still a completely different story.
Music Portrait | posted 06.04.2011
As if he were exchanged
Blueprint’s first solo album in six years, shows the way of the freestyle champion becoming a serious storyteller. And even musically there’s something new on Adventures in Counter-Culture.
Music Portrait | posted 14.09.2010
Black Milk
Waiting for the big strike
Doubtless, Black Milk could have chosen a more modest title than Album of the Year for his new album. So what? Black Milk himself describes his new record as »the most honest work« he has done so far. And looking back at his career, another development seems likely; without losing any of his independence, he manages to range between underground and commercialism. The pronouncement within the album title might just turn out to be true.
Hip Hop in Reviews
Music Review | posted 21.09.2021
Little Simz
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
Forget Drake! Kanye West anyway! The rap album of these days is called »Sometimes I Might Be Introvert« and comes from Little Simz.
Music Review | posted 12.07.2021
Jim Jones & Harry Fraud
The Fraud Department
Splendidly unaffectedly produced and unexpectedly socio-political: »The Fraud Department« by Jim Jones & Harry Fraud is a real surprise.
Music Review | posted 26.03.2021
Moor Mother & billy woods
Moor Mother & billy woods… and a good dozen more: Camae Ayewa dominates the joint album »BRASS«, but other studio guests also get to have their say.
Music Review | posted 01.04.2020
Gang Starr
Jazz Thing
»Jazz ain’t the past, this music’s gonna last«: Mr Bongo reissues some rap classics from the 1990s on Vinyl-7inch. Among them »Jazz Thing« by Gang Starr.
Music Review | posted 27.03.2020
»1988«, the second album by Knxwledge for Stones Throw, shows on 22 tracks in just 37 minutes all the skills of the American Beatmaker.
Music Review | posted 11.03.2020
Atmosphere, the duo from Minneapolis, is back with a new album. »Whenever« avoids experimentation and is a solid delivery.
Music Review | posted 29.01.2020
Roc Marciano
On his eighth album »Marcielago« Roc Marciano does not care about contemporary sound designs. But still sounds refreshingly raw.
Music Review | posted 02.03.2017
Karriem Riggins
Headnod Suite
With »Headnod Suite«, his second album for Stones Throw Records, Karriem Riggins has come up with a convincing follow-up to »Alone Together«.
Music Review | posted 05.10.2016
Body Wash
»Body Wash« is a concept album about a homeless person who experiences wondrous adventures in a different dimension after having fallen into a mind-expanding bubble bath.
Music Review | posted 04.10.2016
Danny Brown
Atrocity Exhibition
Between ecstasy and depression, between pain relief and losing touch with reality: Danny Brown’s »Atrocity Exhibition« is an excellent record.
Music Review | posted 20.09.2016
Honor Killed The Samurai
Imagine a street at night: Straight lines, hard curbs, hardly any light. In the middle of the street, there is a decanter full of water. It glistens.
Music Review | posted 12.08.2016
Fishing Blues
Vigorous rhymed storytelling in tangible pictures, also with pulled down trousers; on their 8th album, Atmosphere sings the »Fishing Blues«.
Music Review | posted 15.03.2016
Odd Nosdam
»Sisters« is the title of Odd Nosdam’s new record. On it, you will find nine tracks that actually seem like sisters, coming from the same source while being completely different.
Music Review | posted 18.02.2016
Andy Cooper
Room To Breathe
Basically, it’s all about casually keeping the ball: With »Room To Breathe«, Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper has recorded a cheerful solo record.
Music Review | posted 27.10.2015
Little Simz
A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons
With »A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons«, the 21-year-old Little Simz has come forward with an astounding debut, enthusing not only Mos Def and Kendrick Lamar.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2015
Mike Ladd
Welcome To The Afterfuture
Thanks to Va Va Records, Mike Ladd’s »Welcome To The Afterfuture«, his second record from the year 2000, is finally available on vinyl. It shows all the facets of his skills.
Music Review | posted 10.07.2015
Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge
Twelve Reasons To Die II
Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge have reunited for »Twelve Reasons To Die II«. And again, they got it all right!
Music Review | posted 15.05.2015
The Good Fight
With his lyrics, Oddisee refrains from all the rap-clichés. »The Good Fight« convinces us with personal topics and remains light-footed and catchy at all times.
Music Review | posted 13.05.2015
If you're reading this it's too late
There’s hardly anyone whose idea of music captures the essence of our times as well as Drake’s. On »If you’re reading this it’s too late«, he is delivering yet another impeccable package.
Music Review | posted 29.04.2015
Red Pill
Look What This World Did To Us
Disarming honesty and an organic and warm soul-bap-background: Red Pill‘s »Look What This World Did To Us« comes with laid back working-class rap.
Music Review | posted 28.04.2015
Clear Soul Forces
Fab Five
Musical creativity and the relaxed delivery of Clear Soul Forces’ record »Fab Five« remind you of what HipHop used to be about: Fun.
Music Review | posted 28.04.2015
Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too
“Too bulky“ vs. “innovative” – opinions differ when it comes to Young Fathers. Now, they have released their best record so far, and all opinions seem to be true.
Music Review | posted 17.04.2015
Tyler, The Creator
Cherry Bomb
»Cherry Bomb« is a bold record. And still, its own creator stands in the way of unfolding its full potential.
Music Review | posted 10.04.2015
Action Bronson
Mr. Wonderful
»Mr. Wonderful« is an entertaining rollercoaster ride, passing odd and hilarious lines, colorful instrumentation and bizarre ideas. Action Bronson knows how to combine authenticity and entertainment.
Music Review | posted 27.03.2015
Earl Sweatshirt
I Don't Like Shit. I Don't Go Outside
All is dense while only dark thoughts are boundless. Earl’s second record doesn’t cause a chorus of praise and instead makes you quietly enjoy its unenjoyability.
Music Review | posted 26.02.2015
The Ecology
Fashawn’s globetrotter rap on his mass-appeal debut »The Ecology« proves once and for all that traditional HipHop-flora will outlive us all.
Music Review | posted 09.10.2014
Apollo Brown & Ras Kass
On »Blasphemy«, boom-bap anesthesiologist Apollo Brown proves together with Ras Kass that a failing rap star’s ultimate hideaway lies within the surroundings of soul-samples.
Music Review | posted 25.09.2014
Sound Of The Son
New York’s grand master Doom has a new partner in crime: the 18-years-old newcomer Bishop Nehru. »Sound Of The Son« is the outcome of their collaboration.
Music Review | posted 15.08.2014
Dilated Peoples
Directors Of Photography
»Directors Of Photography« is the first record in eight years by Dilated Peoples around Evidence, DJ Babu and Rakaa Iriscience – it’s got its moments, really.
Music Review | posted 31.07.2014
Shabazz Palaces
Lese Majesty
A record like a total work of art: After his debut »Black Up«, Shabazz Palaces has put together seven mini-suites to compose his second album »Lese Majesty«. It’s dry and minimalistic, simmering gloomily.
Music Review | posted 30.07.2014
Adrian Younge presents Souls Of Mischief
There Is Only Now
With »There Is Only Now«, Adrian Younge has released a concept album on his label Linear Labs, the beat-frame of which is a perfect fit for the Souls of Mischief.
Music Review | posted 29.07.2014
The Roots
... And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
The Roots can’t go wrong – and their 11th record is no exception to that rule. »…And Then You Shoot Your Cousin« is one of the best albums of their career.
Music Review | posted 05.06.2014
On »Southsiders«, Atmosphere are once again falling back on live-recorded instrumentals and a great variety of different topics – and that’s what they’re good at.
Music Review | posted 12.05.2014
Army Of The Pharaohs
In Death Reborn
For being undead – as their latest and fourth record »In Death Reborn« suggests – Army Of Pharaohs present themselves as surprisingly agile.
Music Review | posted 05.05.2014
Apollo Brown
»Thirty Eight«
»Thirty Eight«, Apollo Brown’s first instrumental record since 2011, proves that it only takes a bit of oil and polish to make the wheel run smoothly again.
Music Review | posted 21.03.2014
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Ever since Madlib and Freddie Gibbs released their first EP together, we’ve all waited for their first actual record. It was well worth it, »Piñata« is a master stroke.
Music Review | posted 14.03.2014
The Doppelgangaz
Peace Kehd
On »Peace Kehd«, EP und Matter Ov Fact of The Doppelgangaz have succeeded in finding just the right balance between well-established and experimental elements.
Music Review | posted 04.03.2014
Homeboy Sandman
White Sands EP
»White Sands« is the third and last part of Homeboy Sandman’s EP-series, for which he collaborated with a different producer each. This time, it’s Paul White from England.
Music Review | posted 03.03.2014
Prince Po & Oh No
Animal Serum
Oh No hasn’t just re-vitalized Prince Po – together they’ve produced a sample-serum that’s evaporating animalistic energies.
Music Review | posted 19.02.2014
Sene & Blu
A Day Late … & A Dollar Short.
»A Day Late… & A Dollar Short« by Sene & Blu is finally being released on vinyl. It’s about time – this record deserves all the attention it can get.
Music Review | posted 31.01.2014
Young Fathers
Hip Hop from Scotland – somewhat edgy, quirky and good. On their debut »Dead«, Young Fathers have got it all all right and deliver the anti-thesis to popcultural buoyancy.
Music Review | posted 24.01.2014
Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence)
Lord Steppington
Evidence is teaming up with Alchemist – they’re old childhood-buddies, anyway. Now the two brothers in spirit are releasing »Lord Steppington«.
Music Review | posted 17.01.2014
Rock Konducta Vol. 1
On »Rock Konducta Volume 1«, Madlib defends his position as chef-progger of the international beat-cosmos by assembling his best beats in quite some time.
Music Review | posted 14.01.2014
Jeremiah Jae
Dirty Collections Vol. 1-3
Three singles as a Warp-debut: »With »Dirty Collections«, Jeremiah Jae delivers no more than eight tracks. And still, it’s a pretty heavy clump.
Music Review | posted 09.01.2014
Josh Furey
The Canadian beat-maker Josh Furey is one those producers who dig deeply for the samples they base their tracks on. His second record is absolutely recommendable.
Music Review | posted 08.01.2014
Seven's Travels
»Seven’s Travels« is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As a birthday-gift, the album is being re-released, and – despite slightly dragging on at bits – it’s still as convincing as ever.
Music Review | posted 18.11.2013
Black Milk
No Poison No Paradise
It’s advisable to ignore the neighborhood of Detroit for one second and to realize that Black Milk doesn’t need to emancipate himself anymore.
Music Review | posted 31.10.2013
Peter Pan Syndrome
In his usual acidness, J-Zone trashtalks himself through the 22 tracks of his new record in a great act of painless exposure – humorous, reflective and bizarre.
Music Review | posted 24.10.2013
The Beauty In All
»The Beauty in All«, Oddisee’s seventeenth (!) release, renders homage to the beauty of the imperfect and stands in line with his high grade output over the last years.
Music Review | posted 15.10.2013
Pusha T
My Name Is My Name
You’ll find K.Dot doing high-noon-flexing, sour and impertinent real-talks, and Pusha twice teaming up with the Neptunes. And still it’s no revelation.
Music Review | posted 29.08.2013
Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown
Twelve Reasons To Die: The Brown Tape
Next to Adrain Younge’s original music, Apollo Brown’s differently approached post-editing of »Twelve Reasons To Die« is standing on eye-level.
Music Review | posted 20.06.2013
Kanye West
It’s Kayne West’s sixth attempt to conquer the world. With »Yeezus« he almost got there this time. However, for the US-HipHop to come in the following months it’ll do.
Music Review | posted 22.05.2013
Ugly Heroes
Ugly Heroes
No other than Apollo Brown is hiding behind the alias Ugly Heroes, providing Red Pill and Verbal Kent with some of his best beats on this record.
Music Review | posted 21.05.2013
Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge
Twelve Reasons To Die
»Twelve Reasons To Die« can’t quite live up to our expectations. It’s still a very good Wu-release, and definitely a mandatory one.
Music Review | posted 11.04.2013
The Doppelgangaz
On »HARK«, The Doppelgangaz consistently follow their musical and lyrical direction: Warm and dirty sampled Boom-Bap-beats are accompanied by new anecdotes of the Groggy Pack.
Music Review | posted 04.04.2013
Tyler, The Creator
Instead of running into a new world with arms wide open, like on »Goblin«, Tyler uses »Wolf« to search for his place. The music has developed, but it misses that certain something.
Music Review | posted 06.03.2013
Atmosphere Airlines
Renaissance is French. Dela from Paris knows this and proves it in the name of Hip Hop on »Atmosphere Airlines« and refreshes the neo-nostalgia of the rucksack-rap.
Music Review | posted 30.01.2013
Oh No
Disrupted Ads
It’s only true to form that Oh No’s instrumental-wickerwork in album length has a certain kind of bulkiness to it – without wanting to draw a comparison to the big brother Madlib again…
Music Review | posted 25.01.2013
Big Boi
Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors
It’s well-intended, but in the end, not great – Big Boi’s new record, »Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors«, is not all that convinving.
Music Review | posted 11.01.2013
A$AP Rocky
What does a debut sound like, when its artist had an advance payment of 3 million dollars shoved down his designer jeans? Whatever we might have expected – it wasn’t this.
Music Review | posted 20.12.2012
Chief Keef
Finally Rich
Listening to this record in one go can only be done when having to crack a wagon load of nuts or when lifting weights in a low-class fitness studio.
Music Review | posted 10.12.2012
The Dread Of An Unknown Evil
Even though KRTS clearly stands in a beatmaker-tradition connected to an intellectual type of music, this record is primarily about moods and feelings.
Music Review | posted 29.11.2012
Roc Marciano
Those in search for an authentic, gimmick-less rap-sound from 2012, will definitely be happy with Roc Marciano. Maybe even happier than with his great debut.
Music Review | posted 16.11.2012
Sean Price
Mic Tyson
Despite the apparent lack of variety, it is a very entertaining record, provingNew-York-doyen Sean Price to be in excellent form.
Music Review | posted 12.11.2012
Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson
Dice Game
One shouldn’t expect any surprises from »Dice Game«: The Brown/Simpson-axis harmonizes with traditional sample-aesthetics and the classic MPC-arrangements in the style of 1993’s RZA-school.
Music Review | posted 06.11.2012
7even Thirty
Heaven's Computer
»Heaven’s Computer« is no moon landing, but can be compared in it’s solidity to a musical sky dive from the stratosphere.
Music Review | posted 06.11.2012
The Black Opera
Libretto: Of King Legend
The mysterious artist-alliance is the Mello Music Group’s new signing: You could call it worldmusic 2.0. You could also call it the HipHop of the future.
Music Review | posted 05.11.2012
We Don't Even Live Here Anymore
As important the rebellion of the rhymesayer might be in our cynical times, the musical implementation on »WDELHA« remains meaningless.
Music Review | posted 02.11.2012
Blu & Exile
Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them
Trying to walk on long-lost paths of triumph is something that can go deliciously wrong. Or it can serve as a remedy.
Music Review | posted 26.10.2012
Kendrick Lamar
good kid, m.A.A.d city
For half of the album length, the listener thinks: This could be it, the next real important album in the game of rap. It’s only due to little things that it is not.
Music Review | posted 11.10.2012
A Dream Deferred
With »A Dream Deferred«, the still underestimated Skyzoo has come up with a more than just solid album yet again, armed with a proper portion of »nineties«.
Music Review | posted 08.10.2012
Reks articulates criticism of the US-American society, accompanied by classic Boom Bap sounds. His new album is pleasantly entertaining without really sticking out.
Music Review | posted 28.09.2012
JJ Doom
Key to the Kuffs
No fast-food-snack for the generation soundcloud, but instead a record, which is definitely worth an extra listen in order to fire appropriately.
Music Review | posted 24.09.2012
G.O.O.D. Music
Cruel Summer
Thanks to Hit-Boy and Pusha-T, »Cruel Summer« almost has it all. Only one skill is missing: to re-invent the game of rap, once again. And that’s mostly the extra’s fault.
Music Review | posted 24.09.2012
People Hear What They See
»People Hear What They See« doesn’t try to chum up with a pseudo-genteel grown-up-ideology. Instead, it focuses on musical and textual standards which clearly value timelessness more than zeitgeist.
Music Review | posted 11.09.2012
Brother Ali
Mourning In America And Dreaming In Colour
Brother Ali’s fourth record seems to be heavy with meaning – fortunately, it isn’t. Instead, Ali appears thoughtful and angry.
Music Review | posted 29.08.2012
Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah
For the second time, Strong Arm Steady is presented by Stones Throw – but this time, the signature is a completely different one. After all, Statik Selektah produced the record instead of Madlib.
Music Review | posted 27.08.2012
Casual & J. Rawls
Respect Game Or Expect Flames
Casual and J. Rawls have teamed up for »Respect Game Or Expect Flames« and harmonize surprisingly well together – that’s also thanks to their guest singers.
Music Review | posted 08.08.2012
The Lost Tapes
In 2011, Häzel put »The Lost Tapes« out on the web. Now it’s been released as a physical sound carrier that offers 20 instrumentals, beat-sketches and rap-songs without rap.
Music Review | posted 07.08.2012
Large Professor
Professor @ Large
It’s not always the philosopher’s stone that »Producer On The Mic« a.k.a. Large Pro comes up with, but the the timeless Boom-Bap-pearls in the mix make up for it all.
Music Review | posted 01.08.2012
The Alchemist
Russian Roulette
He could just lean back and enjoy his life as platinum-producer. Instead, The Alchemist comes forward with a producer-album that could easily pass as his personal »Donuts«.
Music Review | posted 31.07.2012
The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP
Ill Bill’s younger brother is back with a new double-EP. And he’s back on the dark side. Naturally, »Preppy Rappers and hip homo Hippies« won’t be too thrilled.
Music Review | posted 24.07.2012
Life Is Good
The 21-year-old Nasty Nas turned into a grown-up man. »Life Is Good« is Nasir Jones’ unofficial musical autobiography. It focuses on poetry.
Music Review | posted 24.07.2012
Cypress Hill & Rusko
Cypress Hill & Rusko
The old boys of Cypress Hill can still surprise us! Together with Rusko, they tried to create a new sound-design. The plan has only partly worked out.
Music Review | posted 20.07.2012
Masta Ace
MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne
Masta Ace defends his standing as the master of storytelling and as one of the most unrecognized MCs of all times. And also, as the son of Yvonne.
Music Review | posted 19.07.2012
Dave Dub
The Treatment
With Dave Dub, Stones Throw recollects good old auntie Hip Hop and the memories of Project: Blowed, Kool Keith and other swashbucklers of the 90s come to life again.
Music Review | posted 25.06.2012
House Shoes
Let It Go
He pulled the strings of Detroit’s Hip Hop Scene, but it took House Shoe 20 years to release his debut album. And it is a real surprise.
Music Review | posted 22.06.2012
The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde
It’s a declaration of love – Even two decades after »Bizarre Ride II«, we stay true to Imani, Slimkid3, Booty Brown and Fatlip with all our heart.
Music Review | posted 20.06.2012
The strong points of Sene, the boy from Brooklyn, have always been storytelling and dark-colored onomatopoeiae which eradiate authenticity and closeness.
Music Review | posted 19.06.2012
Odd Future
OF Tape Vol. 2
Those who thought that Odd Future would lose even a tiny part of their radicalness after making it into the feature pages are proven wrong on »The OF Tape Vol. 2«.
Music Review | posted 13.06.2012
Oh No
Oh No was granted access to Rudy Ray Moore’s archives and, on the basis of those samples, released a record peppered with top-class guests.
Music Review | posted 12.06.2012
C4C (Cancer For Cure)
Every five years, El-P comes along with a new LP – and not even the end of Def Jux can change that. And again, »C4C« is a very good album.
Music Review | posted 30.05.2012
Interludes After Midnight
It’s hard to believe that something like this still exists: an Instrumental-HipHop-record, which neither »glitches« nor »crunks« or »wonks«, but still is freshly »phat«.
Music Review | posted 16.04.2012
Main Attrakionz
808s & Dark Grapes II
On »808s & Dark Grapes II«, Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N. of Main Attraktionz from Oakland have created a drug-infused, urban dream world.
Music Review | posted 03.04.2012
Apollo Brown & O.C.
Even though Apollo Brown doesn’t dig very deep into his record boxes and despite O.C. pointing the obligatory critical finger here and there, this album is an example of quality team-play.
Music Review | posted 29.03.2012
Vultures Wisdom Vol.2
There is no need to prove anything to anybody for Opio of the Souls of Mischief these days. Still he comes loose like in the good old days and delivers a fresh and laidback LP.
Music Review | posted 23.03.2012
First Serve
De La Soul's Plug 1 And Plug 2 presents First Serve
First Serve manages to do the splits between the madness surrounding current Hip Hop crews and all the keep-it-real hoo-ha of old-established rappers.
Music Review | posted 22.03.2012
Death Grips
This album makes it clear that there’s a difference between shouting, yelling and screaming. Death Grip’s »Exmilitary« is of pure polorizing nature.
Music Review | posted 21.03.2012
There are 35 people involved in this project around Geoff Barrow and 7STU7 from the environment of Portishead and producer Katalyst. The only thing missing to the 41 tracks is some consicstency.
Music Review | posted 14.03.2012
The Dreamer, The Believer
Together with producer No I.D. Common gets back on track with his ninth album »The Dreamer, The Believer«.
Music Review | posted 12.03.2012
God Save The King
Ohio-based MC Copywrite delivers sharp and smart rhymes over beats from RJD2, Bronze Nazareth or Marco Polo on his fourth official album God Save The King. Nevertheless not every track is a hit.
Music Review | posted 09.03.2012
Sean Born
Behind The Scale
Together with a big part of the artist-repertoire belonging to his label Mello Music Group, Sean Born has created an album that’s yearning for the spring.
Music Review | posted 01.03.2012
Planet Asia
Black Belt Theatre
Planet Asia has released an album without any artistical highlights. Even features by the likes of Talib Kweli, Raekwon or Camp Lo hardly improve the overall feeling.
Music Review | posted 27.02.2012
Lee Bannon
Fantastic Plastic
On Fantastic Plastic, Lee Bannon skilfully combines unconventional sound-snippets and thereby creates – also thanks to the appealing guest-list – an experimental, coherent piece of art.
Music Review | posted 13.02.2012
Blu & Exile
Below the Heavens
In 2007, with Below The Heavens, Blu & Exile did not only start off their careers, but also created a path-breaking landmark within the (then rather dreary) rap-environment.
Music Review | posted 10.02.2012
Speech Debelle
Freedom Of Speech
It took Speech Debelle two years to create Speech Therapy’s successor. It was worth the wait, what has come out is a mature and diversified record.
Music Review | posted 06.02.2012
The Earn
Thoughtful and independent is the rap-music by yU. It’s worth taking a closer look at what’s happening in Washington, D.C. – there’s quite a lot to discover there.
Music Review | posted 20.01.2012
Vodka & Ayahuasca
On Vodka & Ayahuasca, The Alchemist and Oh No have brewed acoustic hallucinogens into the form of a LP, which yet again sounds wonderfully ignorant, dirty and spewed out.
Music Review | posted 19.01.2012
His sixth record of Necro, Die!, is now the first one who is published on Vinyl also. Limited and on red wax it’s definitely a must-have for every fan.
Music Review | posted 09.01.2012
Medicine Show Volume 12 & 13 - Filthy Ass Remixes
With Medicine Show 12+13 Filthy Ass Remixes finally draws a line under the controversially debated series. It’s 37 minutes of sheer Beat Konducta Remix-madness!
Music Review | posted 20.12.2011
The Roots
The eleventh album by The Roots, Undun, is their very first concept-album, which tells the story of Redford Stephens, who unintentionally ends up in a spiral of criminal doings.
Music Review | posted 08.12.2011
Brenk Sinatra
Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)
Melting Pot’s Finest Brenk Sinatra releases with Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) already his third instrumental record.
Music Review | posted 01.12.2011
In the past, Medaphoar has mostly raised awareness throughout featurings with other artists. Now, his solo-debut has finally been released.
Music Review | posted 28.11.2011
Eligh & Amp Live
Therapy At 3
With Eligh of the Living Legends and Amp Live of Zion members of two of the most signifant rap crew in California come here together.
Music Review | posted 24.11.2011
Snowgoons & Reef The Lost Cauze
Your Favorite MC
In the beginning it seems like the album does not justify its title. But Reef The Lost Cauze is getting better and better, and the productions of the Snowgoons are excited above everything.
Music Review | posted 16.11.2011
Quelle Chris
Shotgun & Sleek Rifle
Detroit has been and probably always will be a great place for raw MC’s and producers to develop. After Guilty Simpson and Danny Brown Quelle Chris is the next proof for that.
Music Review | posted 09.11.2011
Lil Wayne
Tha Carter IV
If you manage to not meticulously compare the down-to-earth Weezy to the Martian of 2006/07, you’ll actually find Tha Carter IV quite enjoyable.
Music Review | posted 18.10.2011
Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown
Daily Bread
For Daily Bread , Apollo Brown is teaming up with the rapper Hassaan Mackey. Those in favor of a souly kind of Hip Hop will be well entertained.
Music Review | posted 17.10.2011
Makin' Dollars
DTMD is the latest signing of the Mello Music Group. On their debut, they present a very relaxed sound inspired by Pete Rock and Jazzy Jeff.
Music Review | posted 09.10.2011
Spank Rock
Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar
Spank Rock is a lot of fun at the mic and Boys Noize proves that he’s a »real« producer. This album is an energy-bomb with the tendency to be just a bit too much of everything.
Music Review | posted 04.10.2011
Cats & Dogs
After four years in the hiding, Evidence returns with a mighty album, proving how simple and how good Hip Hop can actually be.
Music Review | posted 03.10.2011
4 TRK Mind
Exile takes his 4-track recorder and makes another LP. Next to Blu and Alphabet Four this time Exile is challenging himself on the microphone.
Music Review | posted 25.09.2011
Honkey Kong
Of course there are many tracks that feature good old hard-hitting battlelyrics and punchlines. But no joke, Honkey Kong is really a god rap album.
Music Review | posted 22.09.2011
The flood of releases doesn’t dry out: Open is another in-between-production on the way to album NoYork!, which everyone is waiting for. It shows Blu in his debut as a producer.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2011
Rock Creek Park
Yet again, Oddisee is proving his sense for compositions: Rock Creek Park is a nostalgic soundtrack and an ode to the park of the same name in Washington, D.C.
Music Review | posted 13.09.2011
Wu-Tang Clan
Legendary Weapons
Not an official Wu-Tang-album, but very close in terms of quality. With the classical Wu-Tang-flair on Legendary Weapons, the Clan seems to be on a good way again.
Music Review | posted 31.08.2011
Jay-Z & Kanye West
Watch The Throne
An album breathing the chemistry between Kanye and Jay-Z: ’Ye’s creativity, Hov’s juvenile Flow and their common affection for superlatives makes WTT become a spectacle.
Music Review | posted 28.08.2011
The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family
With The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family, Jehst has defended his territory, once again. On the album, he humoristically gets even with his home-country England and with the British Rap-scene.
Music Review | posted 26.08.2011
You get the impression you are not listening to an album but to some relaxed recording session. That’s still a blessing.
Music Review | posted 22.08.2011
Random Axe
Random Axe
The expectations concerning the collaborative album of Black Milks, Gulity Simpsons and Sean Prices were very high. Unfortunately, the record doesn’t quite meet those expectations.
Music Review | posted 14.07.2011
It doesn’t come as a surprise: following the sensational singles, Kieren Dickins’ debut-album meets all expectations in every respect and proves that the future of Hip Hop is once again secured.
Music Review | posted 19.06.2011
Her Favourite Colo(u)r
Her Favourite Colo(u)r, together with its videos, is a stroll through an antique shop full of films like Buffalo ’66 and old, well-known, Jazz-records.
Music Review | posted 10.06.2011
Pharoahe Monch
Monch has seen it all, nothing can possibly rattle him, apart from maybe HipHop’s state of mind these days – a very good reason to be presenting his third LP.
Music Review | posted 01.06.2011
Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz
Heavy Metal Kings
Those familiar with Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz know what to expect: dismal, brute and energetic raps, combined with beats hardly to be surpassed in terms of roughness and power.
Music Review | posted 25.05.2011
Beastie Boys
Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2
The Beastie Boys have nothing to prove anymore, which is why, in their carefreeness, they keep proving themselves over and over to everyone who still stupidly doubts them whenever they publish a new album.
Music Review | posted 22.05.2011
Odd Seasons
With 31 enormously diverse tracks, on Odd Seasons Oddisee leads us through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter .
Music Review | posted 21.05.2011
On Oneirology ,the CunninLynguists lead the listeners through the depths of their nightly subconscious. The three musicians from Kentucky don’t leave the world of dreams even once.
Music Review | posted 15.05.2011
Elzhi has reinterpretet Nas’s Illmatic and made the »New York State Of Mind« of ’94 become a »Detroit State Of Mind« of 2011.
Music Review | posted 11.05.2011
Tyler, The Creator
Dark beats and fierce lyrics: a formula for success that reveals inartificial charisma by openly displaying its own insecurities.
Music Review | posted 09.05.2011
The Family Sign
The Family Sign is almost a concept album, leaning towards instrumental and blues, while only bearing little resemblance to Ant’s production-experiments made for When Life Gives You Lemons.
Music Review | posted 06.05.2011
Blitz The Ambassador
Native Sun
Native Sun is a Rap-album deep down inside, gaining its cheerful lightness through the exotic harmonies from Blitz’es home country.
Music Review | posted 04.05.2011
Kaimbr & Kev Brown
The Alexander Green Project
Al Green samples with good ol’ Hip Hop beats by Rappers who’ve gone to the studios for a fun and heartfelt project: a placid Rap-album for a relaxed bounce-along.
Music Review | posted 27.04.2011
Adventures In Counter Culture
Blueprint re-discovers synthesizer, rock and HipHop and publishes Adventures In Counter Culture, which totally lives up to its name.
Music Review | posted 23.04.2011
Apache/Shaft in Africa
4Hero-member Marc Mac has blown the dust off two timeless classics and lets them shine in a funky B-Boy-manner just like in their old days.
Music Review | posted 15.04.2011
In Case I Don't Make It
Has-Lo proves on his debut that he’s capable of painting musical pictures – though not essentially positive ones – that are getting stuck in the listeners’ heads.
Music Review | posted 25.03.2011
Apollo Brown
Apollo Brown’s Clouds counts on a harmonious structure and sensitively put samples in the tradition of good old Hip-hop beat tapes.
Music Review | posted 30.11.2010
Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
It seems, as if Kanye has learned from his spontaneous emotional outbursts in public and has realized his position as one of the biggest Pop-stars of our times.
Music Review | posted 01.11.2010
Maxmillion Dunbar
Cool Water
Slow Motion House? Cosmic Boogie? All is possible, nothing is carved in stone. But we are astonished by one of this year´s best albums. A revelation!
Music Review | posted 18.04.2009
MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday
The super-villain enters the stage, equipped with a craving for revenge against the industry and a silver mask to hide his identity.
Music Review | posted 06.05.2008
When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold
Stagnancy is the devil, but isn’t it allowed to get a bit irritated when Atmosphere declares minimalism at the beginning of When Life Gives You Lemons?
Music Review | posted 14.06.2007
Pharoahe Monch
Those who’ve ever heard Pharoahe Monch rap would even pay 15 dollars for an album on which he flows over lawn mower noises.
Music Review | posted 27.05.2007
Marco Polo
Port Authority
On his new producer’s album, the Canadian Marco Polo actually manages to assemble a cast of veritable North-American-All-Stars.
Music Review | posted 10.03.2007
The Weatherman LP
Less nostalgia, more willingness to take risks, becoming especially manifest in countless rolling synths-lines, without leaving his own neo-classical niche: hating Evidence has become uncool again.
Hip Hop in News
Music News | posted 20.09.2021
Now on Vinyl: »Pandemie und Freunde«
Tracks against stress: Our HHV Label now releases the EP »Pandemie & Freunde« by Stuttgart based beat smith Dexter in a limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl.
Music News | posted 23.08.2021
Damu The Fudgemunk
Exclusive: »Conversation Peace«
For »Conversation Peace« Damu The Fudgemunk was allowed to help himself in the KPM Music Library. With Blu, Raw Poetic, Nitty Scott and Insight he gets active support on the microphone. An exclusive vinyl edition is available at HHV Records.
Music News | posted 13.06.2021
Exclusive Edition: »Unlearning Vol.1«
On June 25th, 2021 the new solo album of Dilated Peoples’ Evidence will be released via Rhymesayers. Exclusively on HHV Records »Unlearning Vol.1« will be available in a limited Orange Vinyl Edition.
Music News | posted 29.06.2020
Joell Ortiz & Kxng Crooked
Exclusive Edition: »H.A.R.D.«
Joell Ortiz and Kxng Crooked (aka Crooked I), both from the rap supergroup Slaughterhouse have announced a new album on Mello Music with »H.A.R.D.«. Vinyl will follow in September. We have a strictly limited colour edition in our assortment.
Music News | posted 24.06.2020
Apollo Brown & Che' Noir
Exclusive Edition: »As God Intended«
Apollo Brown has teamed up with Che’ Noir for »As God Intended«, which will be released by Mello Music Group on September 4, 2020. The album is exclusively available from us in a Coloured Vinyl Edition.
Music News | posted 13.04.2020
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys
Exclusive: »Innocent Country: Season 2«
Actually, 2020 can erase itself – but: Quelle Chris is releasing a new record. Together with producer Chris Keys and a handful of feature guests. Exclusively from us in a limited colour vinyl edition.
Music News | posted 18.04.2019
Flying Lotus
New album: »Flamagra«
After five years a new album by Flying Lotus is going to be released: »Flamagra«. The first video features David Lynch as the leading actor and whets the appetite for the sixth album which will be out May 24th. HHV then has an exclusive White Vinyl Edition.
Music News | posted 04.05.2011
MF Doom
Operation: Doomsday Deluxe
Again, MF Doom has packed a sweet package for his fans: Since the lunchbox of Operation Doomsday has already enhanced every single lunch break, its content is now being delivered in a new wrapping.
Recent Articles
Music Review | posted 31.10.2021
Jazz is more hip than it has been for a long time. The output is large, the return mediocre. But with »Natten« Kopenhagen’s Bremer/McCoy deliver a fantastic work.
Music List | posted 01.12.2021
End-of-Year review 2021
Top 50 Albums
Much like every cloud has its silver lining, this year had some fantastic music to offer – something to hold on to in difficult times. These were the 50 best albums released on vinyl in 2021.
Music Review | posted 29.10.2021
Gate Of Klüna
Japanese trio Kuunatic debut on Glitterbeat with »Gate of Klüna,« a literally otherworldly psych-rock masterpiece.
Music News | posted 27.09.2021
Exclusive Edition: »Magic Peaks«
With homesick flicker: The Sao Paulo-born musician Windows彡96 releases his new album »Magic Peaks« on 100% Electronica on November 12, 2021. A limited colour edition is available from HHV Records.
Music News | posted 04.01.2022
Exciting compilation with jazz from Japan
Yusuke Ogawa is one of the experts on Japanese jazz. In April, the compilation »WaJazz Japanese Jazz Spectacle Vol.1« curated by him will be released. A limited edition will be available exclusively from HHV Records.