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Brainfeeder (Record label)
Brainfeeder is a L.A.-based record label, founded by Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) and specializes in hip hop and electronica. Named after one of his tracks, Brainfeeder has always been more than a record label. Brainfeeder is, as well as an artist collective, also a club event and a creative melting pot for electronic music. It celebrates a highly specialized music that goes beyond any borders – musically, culturally and nationally. It is an openness that Flying Lotus (who is the nephew of Alice Coltrane) might have adapted from the jazz world and that openness is reflected in the label’s roster: Samiyam, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Tokimonsta, Teebs, Ras G, Mono/Poly, Lorn. »I think the most important thing to mention is the fact that nobody gives a shit about the LA beat community and we just did our own thing for many, many years, and didn’t even think about what the world is going to think«, explains Gaslamp Killer the free development of the beat scene at the West Coast. In this way Brainfeeder managed to become an institution for intelligent beats in a very short space of time.
Brainfeeder in Features
Music Interview | posted 06.09.2011
Flying Lotus
Restless figure of light
Flying Lotus is, without a doubt, one of the most influential artists at the moment – as far as the advanced popular music scene is concerned. With his own very complex music and his creative labour Brainfeeder he’s right now changing the world of music. We were talking to him about Brainfeeder, the cooperation with Erykah Badu and the new Thundercat record.
Music Interview | posted 27.05.2011
Jeremiah Jay
Beyond the beats
Jeremiah Jae is the one of the youngest artists under the wings of Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder label. After a couple of tracks you realize that this cat follows a different track. Music is not bound to rhythm so much with his production. The use of sound layers often creates something beyond rhythm, which is even more intriguing.
Music Interview | posted 26.04.2011
Back and Fourth
Teebs is someone not to be left out. After releasing his first album on Brainfeeder he has been traveling the world, playing shows, making music and painting. The Californian has his own place in the beat scene. He draws his inspiration from art, which he creates himself. Not having received professional musical training he proceeded to craft his own sound inspired by what he just like to listen to. Valentin Menedetter met up with him in Vienna.
Music Interview | posted 12.04.2011
Constancy and Progress
Being a part of the critically acclaimed L.A. beat scene and one of the people that surround Flying Lotus under his Brainfeeder imprint Daedelus still manages to come up with something new and fresh. With a catalogue that spans over the period of ten years by now he is just about to release his next album Bespoke on Ninja Tune. Recently he was just on a Europe tour with Tokimonsta. Valentin Menedetter met him in Vienna.
Brainfeeder in Reviews
Music Review | posted 03.04.2015
On »Lustmore«, Lapalux doesn’t get as lost in wonky knots as he did on the previous »Nostalchic«. This one is a bit more lineal.
Music Review | posted 22.08.2014
Golden Skies
»Golden Skies« is the conclusion of a day experienced as magically perfect that Mono/Poly paints into our ear, with gold dust.
Music Review | posted 18.07.2014
In My World
Matthewdavid’s world is a higgledy piggledy one. Because of its contrasts, »In My World« is a discontinuous record, in which you can see the tribal depths of a Gaslamp Killer shimmering through.
Music Review | posted 22.05.2014
More atmosphere, less beats: Teebs’ »Estara« is far out there, defines itself through its artistic approach – and is nothing but beautiful.
Music Review | posted 26.08.2013
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program
Back On the Planet
Space is the place again. Neither Flying Lotus nor Thundercat, but instead Ras G make for the trippiest sound at Brainfeeder Records.
Music Review | posted 02.07.2013
Can something that Flying Lotus speaks highly about be bad? Exactly. Thundercat’s »Apocalypse« really is a remarkable record.
Music Review | posted 23.10.2012
Some Other Time
Lapalux’s second EP via Brainfeeder works more on structure than on detail. It’s not done in a wannebe-cool approach, instead, it’s pretty damn hassle-free.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2012
The Gaslamp Killer
»Breakthrough« is defined by shooing violins, grinding theremins, screaming guitars, oriental organs and bleeps from the beginning of synthesizers. That’s nothing new, though.
Music Review | posted 12.07.2012
Jeremiah Jae
Raw Money Raps
Finally, Jeremiah Jae’s debut is out, on top of that, it’s via Brainfeeder. The expectations are high and Jeremiah Jae fulfills them – at least, to a certain point.
Music Review | posted 26.06.2012
Ryat is singing and everyone thinks of Iceland. But her new album comes via Brainfeeder – at least that’s suitable in terms of abstraction. But it’s worth to look at the references here.
Music Review | posted 17.02.2012
When You're Gone EP
Under the name of Lapalux, Stuart Howard paints complete soundscapes. That these kind of tracks will especially be giving wet dreams to the Brainfeeder-crew, is crystal clear.
Music Review | posted 29.08.2011
Golden Age Of Apocalypse
Steve Bruner, mostly known as the bassist of Suicidal Tendencies, has just released his solo-debut on Brainfeeder. Quite an unusual one for Flying Lotus’ Imprint.
Music Review | posted 11.08.2011
Ras G
Down 2 Earth
D2E is futuristic Instrumental Hip Hop that might be similar to the music Brainfeeder pal Flying Lotus is doing but it is still unique.
Music Review | posted 23.05.2011
Creature Dreams EP
Less sound-layers and clearer melodies: Tokimonsta’s Wonky-Sound is more accessible than the one of her L. A.-Beat colleagues, yet nonetheless enchanting.
Music Review | posted 10.05.2011
Daedelus takes a U-turn on Bespoke, speeds up with chutzpa and causes ruckus after ruckus by launching ludicrous sampler-wars here and there.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2010
Flying Lotus
Pattern + Grid World EP
Somehow, Stephen Ellison can do whatever he likes and still has the world lying to his feet. This hasn’t changed with the seven tracks of Pattern+Grid World, either.
Brainfeeder in News
Music News | posted 17.09.2021
Ross From Friends
Green Vinyl Edition: »Tread«
On November 5, 2021, the new album »Tread« by Ross From Friends will be released on Brainfeeder. Exclusively on HHV Records, there will be a limited green vinyl edition.
Music News | posted 05.04.2021
Hiatus Kaiyote
Exclusive Edition: »Mood Valiant«
After six long years the Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote releases their new album. Exclusively on HHV Records »Mood Valiant« will be available in a limited Dark Green Vinyl Edition.
Recent Articles
Music List | posted 07.10.2021
Palmbomen II
10 All Time Favs
Pictures and sounds could never really be separated from each other with Palmbomen II. His new record, »Make A Film,« provides the music for the moving pictures that we all have yet to shoot. What music inspires him when composing film music, the Dutch producer has told us now.
Music Review | posted 07.10.2021
Soshi Takeda
Floating Mountains
Soshi Takeda translates the sight of Chinese mountain landscapes to lo-fi house with his »Floating Mountains« album for 100% Silk.
Music News | posted 20.09.2021
Now on Vinyl: »Pandemie und Freunde«
Tracks against stress: Our HHV Label now releases the EP »Pandemie & Freunde« by Stuttgart based beat smith Dexter in a limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl.
Music Review | posted 08.10.2021
Temple Of The New Sun
»Temple Of The New Sun« comprises pieces by the project Xochimoki, which in the 1980s dedicated itself to reinterpreting Mesoamerican music forms.
Music News | posted 27.09.2021
Exclusive Edition: »Magic Peaks«
With homesick flicker: The Sao Paulo-born musician Windows彡96 releases his new album »Magic Peaks« on 100% Electronica on November 12, 2021. A limited colour edition is available from HHV Records.