Wonky (Music subgenre)
Wonky (also known as wonk) is an often debated term used to describe a tendency to use mid-range unstable synths, complex and unusual time signatures that appeared before summer 2008, among a range of musical genres, including IDM, glitch hop, hip hop, grime, chiptune, dubstep, crunk, skweee, electro & breaks.
Wonky in Features
Music Interview | posted 16.05.2013
Sweatson Klank
The Crucial Question
With “You, Me, Temporary” Thomas Wilson has just released his magnum opus. On six vinyl sides he develops his romantic notions of love and lined them musically with a well-balanced mix of R’n’B, soul and sophisticated beats. Wilson has been working for a long time on this balance. In terms of beats music in Los Angeles, he is a pioneer. For this fact we aks him just one question, no frills.
Music List | posted 29.01.2013
Herrmutt Lobby
10 Favourites
We ask musicians for 10 tracks, by which they were formed, reformed and cultured and we also ask them to comment on the selection. This time Herrmutt Lobby could adress themselves to this task. The two Belgians appeared as innovators in the music software and hardware sector in recent years. Thereby they also use their equipment at times with the joystick. They just released their new EP on Eat Concrete, »Haters Gonna Hate«.
Music Interview | posted 14.11.2011
»I like the idea of reincarnation«
Latest with his last album, The Mesektet, fLako makes clear that he will not stand still artistically. Instead he is reinventing itself again and again. His recently released EP Carving Away The Clay is a further testimony of becoming. We met the producer in Vienna to talk about making music, reincarnation, schizophrenia, and about who actually is Dirg Gerner.
Music Interview | posted 16.09.2011
»I don't want to limit myself«
Fulgeance is, amongst Onra and Häzel a part of the new generation of French beat makers. Variety marks his productions – everything seems to be thought through. Synthesizers, drums and the sounds in the background are arranged perfectly. Fulgeance proves that there is an appeal to simplicity. This producer has not reached his peak yet and will be surprising the international crowd with more of his beats.
Music Interview | posted 06.09.2011
Flying Lotus
Restless figure of light
Flying Lotus is, without a doubt, one of the most influential artists at the moment – as far as the advanced popular music scene is concerned. With his own very complex music and his creative labour Brainfeeder he’s right now changing the world of music. We were talking to him about Brainfeeder, the cooperation with Erykah Badu and the new Thundercat record.
Music Interview | posted 26.08.2011
Paul White
It's a journey, it's an escape
He takes an exceptional position among the British beat-producer. His enormous output and his variety of productions have quickly catapulted Paul White into the top league of producers guild. But so far his music was purely instrumental. Now for his new album Rapping With Paul White he is rehearsing for the first time his illustrious skills together with a host of Vocal conaisseures. We talked with him about producing beats with and without raps.
Music Interview | posted 09.07.2011
A blessing in disguise
Raised in Ann Arbor Michigan Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto soon got in touch with the local scene that consisted of Mayer Hawthorne, Dabrye and many more. Early on it was already clear that the drums would be his instrument. Through his brother he got in touch with making beats. Saginaw stands for his fragile sound which he pairs with his live drumming, creating clouds of sound, which are beautifully produced. Valentin Menedetter met him in Vienna.
Music Interview | posted 15.06.2011
Word, Sound, Power
Gonjasufi has his own history with music. Starting out as a young kid, singing from an early age on. Getting into Hip hop later on, and eventually discovering Hard Rock and Punk for himself. The Yoga teacher from Texas with his soft toned and rough voice has been singed to Warp and released his debut album A Sufi And A Killer in 2009. You find yourself in a new realm of sound when listening to the album. Valentin Menedetter caught up with him at a show.
Music Interview | posted 07.06.2011
Hudson Mohawke
In the beginning was the playstation
Hudson Mohawke caters to the taste of many crowds. Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep – he moves around amongst them with no limit. Heavy beats and dope production have become a constant part of his signature sound. A new EP called Satin Panther will be out in August. Valentin Menedetter seized the opportunity to talk to him.
Music Interview | posted 27.05.2011
Jeremiah Jay
Beyond the beats
Jeremiah Jae is the one of the youngest artists under the wings of Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder label. After a couple of tracks you realize that this cat follows a different track. Music is not bound to rhythm so much with his production. The use of sound layers often creates something beyond rhythm, which is even more intriguing.
Music Interview | posted 03.05.2011
Machine Drum
Virtuoso in many areas
Machine Drum is no stranger to the profession of electronic beat makers. Since 1999, he released music, first on Merck, later on Percussion Lab and Normrex. His acclaimed Many Faces EP was released last year on LuckyMe. His beats are just as varied as is heard. A real blast also is his collaboration with Praveen Sharma as Sepalcure. Time for an interview. Valentin Menedetter met him in Vienna.
Music Interview | posted 26.04.2011
Back and Fourth
Teebs is someone not to be left out. After releasing his first album on Brainfeeder he has been traveling the world, playing shows, making music and painting. The Californian has his own place in the beat scene. He draws his inspiration from art, which he creates himself. Not having received professional musical training he proceeded to craft his own sound inspired by what he just like to listen to. Valentin Menedetter met up with him in Vienna.
Music Interview | posted 18.04.2011
Beats and Soul as a Mind Set
The beat scene knows a broad variety of names, producers and people who are pushing the game to the next level constantly. One of the names you should definitely be familiar with is Knxwledge. The beat maker from Philadelphia has been crafting his beats for a couple of years now, floating under the surface of international attention for a while. Valentin Menedetter seized the opportunity to talk to him when he played a show in Vienna.
Music Interview | posted 12.04.2011
Constancy and Progress
Being a part of the critically acclaimed L.A. beat scene and one of the people that surround Flying Lotus under his Brainfeeder imprint Daedelus still manages to come up with something new and fresh. With a catalogue that spans over the period of ten years by now he is just about to release his next album Bespoke on Ninja Tune. Recently he was just on a Europe tour with Tokimonsta. Valentin Menedetter met him in Vienna.
Wonky in Reviews
Music Review | posted 12.04.2021
Hudson Mohawke
Hudson's Heeters Vol.1
Hudson Mohawke’s legendary demo tape »Hudson Heeters Vol.1« was released on vinyl for the first time.
Music Review | posted 15.03.2016
Odd Nosdam
»Sisters« is the title of Odd Nosdam’s new record. On it, you will find nine tracks that actually seem like sisters, coming from the same source while being completely different.
Music Review | posted 02.12.2015
Ras G
Raw Fruit Vol. 3 & 4
»Raw Fruit Vol. 3 & 4« are two parts of Ras G’s tape series, finally combined on vinyl, directly taking us to the planet South Central.
Music Review | posted 10.07.2015
Hud Dreens
There are hundreds of Knxwledge beats to be found on Bandcamp. Yet, »Hud Dreems« is only his third physical release. It’s diversified and still straight to the point.
Music Review | posted 03.04.2015
On »Lustmore«, Lapalux doesn’t get as lost in wonky knots as he did on the previous »Nostalchic«. This one is a bit more lineal.
Music Review | posted 06.10.2014
Flying Lotus
You're Dead!
The jazzy roots of »You’re Dead!«, Flying Lotus’s fifth record, are not only hidden in its lyrics – they’re also central for its general mood and grooviness.
Music Review | posted 02.10.2014
Total Sellout
Cuthead, Saxony’s most wanted and blunted, is having a »Total Sellout«. A record as round and juicy as a glossy glazed donut.
Music Review | posted 26.09.2014
Hudson Mohawke
Chimes EP
Those asking for Hudson Mohawke will get Hudson Mohawke. However, those expecting more experimenting three years after HudMo’s last release, will be disappointed.
Music Review | posted 22.08.2014
Green Language
It’s incredible what Rustie manages to combine on this record and it’s worthy of high praise. However, if you just want to listen to music, the conclusion is a different one.
Music Review | posted 22.08.2014
Golden Skies
»Golden Skies« is the conclusion of a day experienced as magically perfect that Mono/Poly paints into our ear, with gold dust.
Music Review | posted 21.08.2014
Yawn Zen
Boring! Dilla, Madlib and FlyLo are serving as comparisons yet again. But stop! For describing »Yawn Zen«, they finally make sense again. It’s anything but boring!
Music Review | posted 18.07.2014
In My World
Matthewdavid’s world is a higgledy piggledy one. Because of its contrasts, »In My World« is a discontinuous record, in which you can see the tribal depths of a Gaslamp Killer shimmering through.
Music Review | posted 16.06.2014
Reality Testing
On »Reality Testing«, Matt Cutler manages to do the splits between a change of style and his trademark-sound, between dream and reality, between nostalgia and solidity.
Music Review | posted 22.05.2014
More atmosphere, less beats: Teebs’ »Estara« is far out there, defines itself through its artistic approach – and is nothing but beautiful.
Music Review | posted 24.02.2014
Damn! patten is really full of potential to outstrip some of his renowned label-colleagues on Warp Records by re-unraveling the whole post-dubstep/wonky-thing.
Music Review | posted 06.12.2013
Kabul Fire Vol.1
The Afghan-German producer Farhot is presenting his solo-debut: If Kreuzberg is considered “Little Istanbul”, Hamburg-Hausbruch will soon be called Klein-Kabul.
Music Review | posted 28.10.2013
Om Unit
Om Unit picks up the various threads that have been spun since the diversification of electronic music began. It’s easy to see that he has studied the stitching patterns well.
Music Review | posted 14.10.2013
There are shrill synthesizers, bubbly beats and massive waves with the same dystopian tuning: Fulgeance’s new record is pretty damn good.
Music Review | posted 09.10.2013
Virtually once a month, Knxwledge is releasing something. Luckily, his record »Kauliflowr« isn’t just anything, it’s actually really good – great moments included.
Music Review | posted 07.10.2013
The Water's Way
First and foremost, Kyson’s record is beat-making. However, there’s music all around, including flying drumsticks, smashed keys and melodious vocals.
Music Review | posted 26.08.2013
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program
Back On the Planet
Space is the place again. Neither Flying Lotus nor Thundercat, but instead Ras G make for the trippiest sound at Brainfeeder Records.
Music Review | posted 04.07.2013
Airglow Fires 12"
Lone’s new 12inch is like a distillate from »Emerald Fantasy Tracks« and »Galaxy Garden«: It is the best – because most focused – thing that Lone has released in years.
Music Review | posted 13.06.2013
Hafiza [Innocence] 12"
Olugbenga has had his laurels as Metronomy’s bassist, remixer and DJ. Now he has launched his first solo-release on Pictures Music.
Music Review | posted 24.04.2013
Sweatson Klank
You, Me, Temporary
Fucking and fighting always works. Sweatson Klank knows that all too well, even though »You, Me, Temporary« has even more to offer. Convincingly so.
Music Review | posted 03.04.2013
Laid Out EP
The party is over on Shlohmo’s new EP. Vocal- and synth-lines are distorted beyond recognition on top of dark bass-lines – like spun thoughts at 7 a.m.
Music Review | posted 24.01.2013
Herrmutt Lobby
Haters Gonna Hate EP
With its shilly-shally beats and 8-bit sound aesthetics, »Haters Gonna Hate« sounds much more alive than other releases from similar genres.
Music Review | posted 27.11.2012
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe
Fantastic things are happening on the collab-album by Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe – and they are only a dream away! Almost as good as a ride on the cat-bus!
Music Review | posted 23.10.2012
Some Other Time
Lapalux’s second EP via Brainfeeder works more on structure than on detail. It’s not done in a wannebe-cool approach, instead, it’s pretty damn hassle-free.
Music Review | posted 15.10.2012
Feel Me
Many influences, huge potential: Groundislava shows wha het is, or rather what he could be, capable of, but gets lost in the shallow waters between the different influences.
Music Review | posted 26.09.2012
Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes
With his new LP, Flying Lotus has cemented his pole position in digital diggin’. His concept is as simple as efficient: it’s imaginativeness.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2012
The Gaslamp Killer
»Breakthrough« is defined by shooing violins, grinding theremins, screaming guitars, oriental organs and bleeps from the beginning of synthesizers. That’s nothing new, though.
Music Review | posted 30.08.2012
Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes
Bedtime Stories EP
This EP will make no one go to sleep: instead it demolishes everything down to the crust with distorted strings and infinite bass-barrels.
Music Review | posted 21.08.2012
Om Unit
Aeolian EP
On »Aeolian EP«, OM Unit presents a sinister and lively mix of Instrumental Hip Hop and electronic Bass Music with enthralling melodies.
Music Review | posted 17.07.2012
Trance and 8-Bit meets Traprap-Instrumentals, Crunk and the sound of a herd of buffalos on party drugs. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife; TNGHT are tearing everything down.
Music Review | posted 12.07.2012
Jeremiah Jae
Raw Money Raps
Finally, Jeremiah Jae’s debut is out, on top of that, it’s via Brainfeeder. The expectations are high and Jeremiah Jae fulfills them – at least, to a certain point.
Music Review | posted 18.06.2012
Ask The Dust
With his third record, Lorn is expanding his repertoire: under the steam roller of HipHop and industrial, something graceful has found its place. It’s a ride through hell with a happy ending.
Music Review | posted 15.06.2012
Sweatson Klank
Elevate Me EP
On his first EP for Project: Mooncircle, Sweatson Klank can’t quite make up his mind between British club-sound and American beat-arts.
Music Review | posted 21.05.2012
Time Team
Think of Star Wars, unicorns, rainbows and club-raves and you come close to what is happening here. It is fascinating cyber-funk and not suitable for weak nerves.
Music Review | posted 10.05.2012
Lazer Sword
The new album by Lando Kal and Low Limit a.k.a. Lazer Sword can either be danced to with courage or stared at in disbelief. Either way, it’ll get its attention.
Music Review | posted 28.03.2012
Vacation EP
Shlohmo is at his best when he’s got the blues. His debut was full of it, and the best track on this EP harks back to that bluesfulness.
Music Review | posted 23.03.2012
S. Maharba
French Maid
»French Maid« is as multifaceted as all of S. Maharba’s works. It’s what Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus and Clams Casino would sound like if they produced a track together.
Music Review | posted 17.02.2012
When You're Gone EP
Under the name of Lapalux, Stuart Howard paints complete soundscapes. That these kind of tracks will especially be giving wet dreams to the Brainfeeder-crew, is crystal clear.
Music Review | posted 07.02.2012
Mux Mool
Planet High School
Those who know Mux Mool from Facebook know that he’s one funny fellow. Sadly, his new album doesn’t sound like that – instead, it’s almost conservative beat-making.
Music Review | posted 03.02.2012
Ghost Mutt
Sweat Mode EP
Within the short running time of 12 minutes, the producer from Brighton covers an exceptional broad spectrum of emotions. 2012 could become the year of Ghost Mutt.
Music Review | posted 02.01.2012
To All Of You
The man from France has released an album on Melting Pot Music that’s definitely worth a listen. Where others get lost in the vastness of their sounds, Fulgeance finds just the right links.
Music Review | posted 08.12.2011
Brenk Sinatra
Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)
Melting Pot’s Finest Brenk Sinatra releases with Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) already his third instrumental record.
Music Review | posted 18.11.2011
Glass Swords
It wobbles, glimmers and glitters but always stays within the lines of its very own order. One thing’s for sure: Rustie’s »Glass Swords« a definite winner.
Music Review | posted 15.11.2011
Chinoiseries Pt. 2
Yet again, the French beat-maker has rummaged Vietnamese record-archives in order to produce another part of his Chinoiseries.
Music Review | posted 04.11.2011
Blue Daisy
The Sunday Gift
It’s humming and billowing and flickering – there’s hardly a clear melody to make out. Blue Daisy’s debut album is a haunting trip through various moods, carried by basslines.
Music Review | posted 05.10.2011
Robot Koch
The Other Side
The Other Side by producer Robot Koch is presenting itself in a calmer, even contemplative manner. Luckily, he still works with the tried and tested interaction of melodies and rhythm.
Music Review | posted 21.08.2011
Hudson Mohawke
Satin Panthers EP
With Satin Panthers, the 25-year-old Scotsman Hudson Mohawke seamlessly ties in with his debut Butter of 2009. And it’s not just HipHop-Heavyweight Just Blaze who’s loving it.
Music Review | posted 26.05.2011
Young Montana?
With his debut Limerence, Young Montana? raises the bar of multidimensional productions since Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus even a bit higher.
Music Review | posted 23.05.2011
Creature Dreams EP
Less sound-layers and clearer melodies: Tokimonsta’s Wonky-Sound is more accessible than the one of her L. A.-Beat colleagues, yet nonetheless enchanting.
Music Review | posted 14.02.2011
Long Arm
The Branches
Thoughtful, sometimes melancholy, dreamily melodious: Beat-maker Long Arm from Russia has created an album almost impossible to beat in its homogeneity.
Music Review | posted 18.09.2010
Flying Lotus
Pattern + Grid World EP
Somehow, Stephen Ellison can do whatever he likes and still has the world lying to his feet. This hasn’t changed with the seven tracks of Pattern+Grid World, either.
Music Review | posted 31.10.2007
Eliot Lipp
City Synthesis
Phily-strings, Chicago-Jazz and the cool aloofness of Detroit-House mark the eclectic sound of the multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn.
Wonky in News
Music News | posted 18.04.2019
Flying Lotus
New album: »Flamagra«
After five years a new album by Flying Lotus is going to be released: »Flamagra«. The first video features David Lynch as the leading actor and whets the appetite for the sixth album which will be out May 24th. HHV then has an exclusive White Vinyl Edition.
Recent Articles
Music Review | posted 28.10.2021
Quantic & Nidia Góngora
Almas Conctadas
Eight years after a joint EP, Nidia Góngora and Quantic intensify their collaboration with the album »Almas Conctadas«.
Music Review | posted 07.11.2021
Snail Mail
On »Valentine,« Snail Mail makes even bigger gestures than before, but fortunately that doesn’t change the effect.
Music News | posted 17.09.2021
Ross From Friends
Green Vinyl Edition: »Tread«
On November 5, 2021, the new album »Tread« by Ross From Friends will be released on Brainfeeder. Exclusively on HHV Records, there will be a limited green vinyl edition.
Music News | posted 01.10.2021
Das Große Ganze
Now it’s all about »Das Große Ganze". The songwriter Girlwoman from Bielefeld releases her debut on Staatsakt. Exclusively at HHV Records there’s a limited Red Vinyl Edition available.
Music List | posted 01.12.2021
End-of-year review 2021
Top 50 Reissues
Another year goes by, another list of visions of futures that have yet to become reality is being published. These 50 records from the past dreamed the loudest of a better tomorrow.